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Agile Management Methodology

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Recently, our software company, Aptia Systems, was approached by DCS Visa Solutions, a fast-growing company specializing in travel documentation, such as passports and other related services. Their rapid growth was quickly outpacing their method of managing workflow and communicating with their clients. They had a vision and were looking for a web-based solution that met a number of criteria.

Using Agile Management Principles

Many small-to-medium size companies have never tried to take their manual processes - such as using scribbled notes, spreadsheets, and clipboard charts, and turn them into a streamlined web-based application that can also track and report information. By using Agile Management principles, we were able to work with the DCS stakeholders and identify their business processes, developing a set of high-level business requirements.

From there, meeting with stakeholders weekly during development sprints, we helped them create a services management system that meets their current needs. And by taking a little time up-front to discuss their foreseeable needs, we were able to create an application that is easily extendable as they add new service offerings.

Benefits of using Agile Management Principles

  • Initial planning does not have to be long, protracted and complicated. You can create a high-level set of requirements and use-cases and make small changes and tweaks as you go
  • Highly collaborative – the stakeholders okay each step of the development weekly – no big surprises after a month or two
  • Rapid (less expensive) development using good project management and highly skilled developers
  • Allows for an iterative, time-smart approach to developing. Stakeholders meet briefly once a week or so to review the project, ensure it is on target, and make minor changes as it moves forward

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