Mobile Strategy

The mobile device market is growing at a phenomenal rate.

Smart device's are allowing businesses and users to communicate in fundamentally different ways. Businesses can now market and communicate with users who are on the move, in nearly real time. Mobile applications are useful in the field, communicating to back-end systems in real-time. Uses include vendor management and reporting, behavioral based safety incident tracking, wireless notification and monitoring, asset management, and more.

We help our clients take their ideas for mobile-accessible applications and put them online. We help them work through usability aspects, back-end services, and data-integration. Native applications offer richer capabilities and user experiences. We create native Apple iOS (iPad and iPhone) applications as well as those for Android. We would be glad to discuss your project.

Saddlite on the iPad

We're working with ThoroVet on a native iOS application that helps equine veterinarians access and manage important information remotely.

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Enterprise Mobile - Engage Customers

ThoroVet uses mobile technology to connect their equine practice customers to their practices medical records - anywhere, anytime. Equine vets work just about anywhere a horse can be found - they go to their patients. Saddlite allows them mobile access - even with no Internet connection.

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