ThoroVet Creates Powerful Equine Practice Management Mobile App


"We are committed to ensuring that our software development group understands both our business – how the business model works to how well our innovative software performs – and our customers - how they work and what they need. Aptia will help us do both."
Lloyd Schwing, President, ThoroVet


ThoroVet LLC





Veterinary - Equine Practice Management

Tools Used

Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 5 & SQL Server, Telerik Kendo UI, Apple iOS iPad using Objective C

ThoroVet Mobile App - Horse List
Customer Profile

ThoroVet is a team consisting of leaders in the equine industry including trainers, owners, CPA’s, and prominent equine veterinarians. Formed in 2011, ThoroVet has focused on bringing mobile technology to veterinarians who work in the field... literally. Located in Houston, Texas, ThoroVet's leadership team recognized a need for a more efficient way for veterinarians working at barns and stables to manage the health records of the horses. Using mobile technology allows them to have the records for each horse available when needed as well as allowing them to keep detailed information about each visit.

Business Situation - The Challenge

ThoroVet wanted a more robust system for their customers. They needed a more responsive team that understood their business and could offer creative solutions to the unique problems they faced. They wanted a technology partner, someone who was interested in their success and helping them improve their product. ThoroVet's leadership team felt this imperative and in the best interest of their clients and company. They decided to explore other alternatives.


ThoroVet approached Aptia about taking over development of Saddlite. The two teams worked well together and ThoroVet decided to move all development to Aptia. ThoroVet felt the Aptia team understood the "idea" of the software and shared a common vision of what it could do. They liked the creative ideas, both from the development and business sides.

The first step was to triage the application, fixing those items most used by veterinarians in the field. Once these were addressed, the next step was to plan the the move of the application from PHP to ASP.NET using MVC 5 framework, MS SQL Server and Telerik Kendo UI. Another task is the re-writing of the data-synchronization layer between the iPad (Objective C) and web services (ASP.NET), making it more robust.

Within days, ThoroVet's clients began commenting on the fixes they were seeing in the application - and that is good for business. ThoroVet has a strong commitment to providing their customers with the best, most innovative product available and helping them increase the value of their business.

  • Better organization of code into core areas
  • Better reuse of code
  • More reliable and robust synchronization of the iPad to the cloud data-store
  • High availability of services
  • Solid foundation for future expansion of services