Our Approach

We help you remove obstacles to your business' continued success.

Our consulting team keeps abreast of current technology trends and looks for innovative solutions to make your company more productive allowing you to achieve greater success. When time, quality and budget are important to you, choose Aptia as your technology business consultant and a trusted member of your information technology management team.

Removing Obstacles

Aptia's software developers have designed both stand-alone software programs and web-based applications for Houston's top businesses in many sectors, including energy and healthcare. Our fully web-based systems ensure lightweight, service driven architecture, flexibility for growth, secure access and scalability. Our scalable software solutions and modern business applications help our clients keep up with the rapid pace of information technology development.

We have over 10 years of experience helping people understand what it takes to create a customized application for their business. We work with them to:

  • Initially understand the business need and processes around that need, often called Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Understand the cost of how they do business in terms of time spent using antiquated processes like Spreadsheets and bits of sticky paper on desktops and monitors to manage day to day operations
  • Define the requirements and workflow needed in an application creating what are known as Use Cases
  • Build consensus and stakeholder approval up front. Lack of clear input and commitment from management is the #1 reason projects fail
  • Begin the iterative process by building a little and then meeting with them to get feedback - this is known as Agile Management Methodology. This makes the client a clear stakeholder in the development process
  • Complete a User Acceptance Test (UAT)
  • Continue to support and enhance the application as needed for them to efficiently manage their office and grow