Consulting Services

We Help You Work Through Complex Business Processes Making You and Your Company More Successful

You've got an idea to help your business run more efficiently and it involves software development or you need to track safety reports and observations for your business unit and using 20 Excel spreadsheets isn't working. Or maybe you need a way to view complex data or imagery. Maybe you have a software development project that is stalled and need help getting it back on track.

Which ever of these, or any of a hundred other ideas or needs you have, Aptia can help. We offer free consultation - especially helpful when you are testing the waters and trying to decide on your next steps. We also offer consultancy for hire depending on the complexity of the work.

  • Buy or Build - custom software development from concept to rollout
  • Project Rescue - help revive a stalled project and see through to completion
  • Extra Development Capacity - use our people to help your team
  • HIPAA / 21CFR part 11 compliance in software
  • Project Architecture / Design Patterns
  • Independent Testing - Functionality, Usability, User Experience
  • Software Implementation and Integration

Aptia System's expert software developers provide custom business and technology software solutions for virtually every information management need. We have developed over 300 web-based software applications that streamline workflow, reduce paperwork, automate collection and analysis of data, and improve business processes.

Our mission is to improve organizational performance by designing, developing and deploying cost effective, high performance software solutions.

Our software developers are committed to helping our clients leverage the latest software technologies to gain a competitive advantage. With the growing demands of a highly competitive and increasingly global, Internet-driven marketplace, businesses are seeking more efficient and technologically advanced methods to enhance performance, reduce costs and improve productivity.

Simply put, Aptia System's custom software solutions help our clients achieve results and give them peace of mind. By aligning and developing people, processes, and technology, our clients gain a competitive advantage and maximize their profit potential.