DCS Visa Solutions Has Aptia Create Cross-platform Business App

The DCS Team

"We needed to leverage technology to make our day-to-day office processes run more smoothly in order to keep up with our growth. We also wanted our clients to know that we are aggressive about doing the work efficiently and accurately. In our line of business, both are very, very important."
Demetrius DeOliveira, President, DCS Visa Solutions


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Tools Used

Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 4 & SQL Server, Telerik Kendo UI

DCS Dashboard
Customer Profile

Since 2009, DCS's mission and vision has been to be the leader in providing travel and other personal documentation services to individuals and corporations. As they realize this vision, they also recognize they have to have a business process applications that helps them keep track of each record, its current step in the process, who is responsible, what documents are needed, and also help with accounting and reporting. At first, Excel spreadsheets worked. As the company grow and technology and needs advanced, DCS began a comprehensive review of their internal business processes. They looked for software already on the market and found all of the lacking in many of the key capabilities needed to support their business.

They have a keen focus on technology and service. DCS goes beyond basic documentation services, offering a variety of other consulting options to their clients.

Business Situation - The Challenge

By 2013, DCS had grown beyond their current office management solutions which include sticky notes and spreadsheets to keep track of service requests. Anticipating future growth based on their current growth, Claudia and Demetrius felt they needed a more efficient way to handle workflow that would also lend itself to making training of new staff easier and standardized. Never having been involved with the often daunting task of defining requirements, Claudia knew what she wanted it to "look like" and the functions it needed to provide the staff. She new how she wanted the work to flow and what information was important to track. Their work often involves working with many local, regional, national and international organizations, each with different processes, hours of operation, and document requirements. All these need to be tracked, allowing for delivery and confirmation that the request is on schedule.


Using Agile Management Principles, we worked with Claudia and Demetrius to create an app that meets their current needs as well as laying the foundation for supporting future services. Starting with some ideas and her children's' construction paper, Claudia drew a series of screens as she felt the process should look. Starting with these and a whiteboard, we began to work out the most efficient way to make her vision become a reality. Using our years of business management and consulting experience combined leading edge software development, we were able to design an efficient application that streamlined her ideas into an easy to navigate site with visual cues for the team.

  • Better tracking of the service requests throughout the lifecycle
  • Clear work-flow allowing for new personnel to learn the process quickly
  • Quick updating of service requests and status reporting for all personnel
  • Solid foundation for future expansion of services